Bregnerød Kro

Projects scope

Located just outside Copenhagen, the Bregnerød Kro will host visitors looking for a quiet stay in the danish countryside.The project consists of a renovation and extension of the existing building, to host a restaurant, a cafe, a hotel, apartments, and even a distillery, degustation area and shop

The idea

The architect and Entwine collaborated especially in the schematic design stage, to develop a massing scheme that fosters passive heating and minimises life-cycle impacts, and to create comfortable spaces for the future guests.

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The Bregnerød Kro stands as an example of interdisciplinary collaboration in a renovation of a historical building.

The volumes of the extensions are shaped and positioned in balance with the solar radiation: even at a high latitude, the spaces make good use of passive heating, and the inner courtyard remains warm for most of the year thanks to sun heat and thermal mass.

In every project, in every context, sustainability matters: Elgaard Architecture wanted to make sure that its sustainability ambitions were fulfilled in the development of this project. Entwine set a strategy and a path to monitor and achieve such ambitions, in a thriving, inspiring  collaboration between consultants and architects.

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