Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Year: 2020 –

Area: 161 700 m2

Phase of collaboration: Schematic design

Type: Residential neighbourhood


  • Solar analysis
  • Daylight
  • Thermal comfort
  • Energy performance
  • Life-cycle assessment

Radiation studies

Since the very first architectural sketches, the  design team worked in a feedback-loop between design and performance. Entwine informed the architects about the interaction between the buildings masses and the sun, to keep in control all the potential advantages and risks.

Natural daylight

Daylight analyses were carried out already in the massing phase. At each iteration of the design phase, the architects were made aware of how natural light interacted with the buildings. The disposition of volumes was then optimised to enhance the availability of sunlight. 

Thermal comfort studies were performed throughout the concept development to support decision-making for massing and facade design.

Thermal simulations revealed the implications of different alternatives regarding building orientation and size, position and type of windows.

Cradle to grave perspective

Life-cycle impacts assessments were performed throughout the design phase. In parallel to energy and comfort, the global warming potential (GWP) was a key performance indicator used as decision criteria.

The LCA calculation was used to compare materials and massing schemas, enriching the architects with a comprehensive overview on their decisions at any time and in record speed.