Entwine shifts the focus of performance analyses to the early design stages. As the design develops, we make sure that the project follows a comprehensive strategy, where architecture and engineering work shoulder to shoulder toward a shared goal: sustainable construction. We do it leveraging state-of-the-art digital design tools, to deliver advice in a matter of hours.

Monitoring building behaviour throughout the process, Entwine brings even the most ambitious goals within reach. We ensure compliance with national regulation and international standards without compromising the architect’s creativity.

We work with:

energy performance

thermal comfort

daylight design

life cycle assessment

Energy Performance


     rchitectural design has a crucial impact on the building’s energy efficiency. When ambitious sustainability targets are into play, readily available translation of design alternatives into performance information becomes essential.

Entwine supports early-stage architecture with data and advice on the energy performance of the building, as its  design develops. Whether the design team needs a comparison of concepts or a range of scenarios across design alternatives, Entwine’s collaboration adds a perspective

Through building modelling and parametric simulations, we offer iterative energy evaluations of the building, detecting problems, finding the causes and suggesting solutions.

We believe the answer to low-energy buildings lies in architectural solutions, not on the reliance on active systems alone. With Entwine’s consultancy, architecture can   realise inherently efficient buildings, where the functioning is integrated in the form. 





     hanks to detailed thermal analyses, Entwine we can predict how the occupants will perceive the indoor environment.

  • How are the geometries and facades influencing the overall and local thermal comfort?
  • What are the best strategies to avoid overheating or cold spots?

We can answer these and more questions to make sure that a building will be a comfortable space throughout the four seasons.

Entwine’s Adaptive Comfort Model considers a wide range of parameters, from the building’s heat flows to the position and activity of the occupant, delivering detailed and realistic evaluations of the indoor environment.   


Daylight Design


      aylight design is not only about light. For us at Entwine, a successful daylighting design considers

  • daylight availability
  • visual comfort
  • solar heat gains
  • shadings design

With a multi-objective analysis, we can support decision making from the massing of the building to the design of indoor spaces and facade details, to make each building make the most out of daylight.



Life Cycle Assessment


        e monitor and minimise environmental impacts with a life-cycle perspective. From the earliest sketches to the latest decisions, we calculate embodied emissions of the materials, to make sure that sustainability is achieved from cradle to grave. 

Providing LCA studies iteratively along the design process, Entwine promotes a circular approach and brings sustainability certifications within reach.