We simplify the architects’ understanding of the impact of their design choices

Our specialities lay at the intersection between architecture and engineering, and our focus is on the early phases of the building design process.

We simplify the architects’ understanding of the impact of their design choices on the building’s technical and environmental quality. Iteratively, and since the project’s
Day 1, enabling the synergy between form and functioning.

We use the most advanced technology, we run the most detailed simulations, we provide the most useful data, and we blend them into strategic advice.

Our team

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Rebeca Hugh

Interior Designer

Justin Makü


Integrated Design

A highly specialised consulting service created to make integrated design the obvious choice at every step of every project.

We take care of the numbers, so that architects can unleash their creativity while knowing exactly how their concept will work. Iteration after iteration, from sketch to perfection.

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Detailed site analyses

CFD Wind simulations

Outdoor Comfort studies

Daylight analyses

Thermal Comfort

Energy Demand

Life Cycle Analysis

Sustainability Strategy & LCA

We offer a targeted consultancy to develop and pursue environmental sustainability strategies.

We listen to our client’s needs and goals, and provide the guiding light towards minimal carbon footprint throughout the design process.

We also do the maths, making sure that the the right information is always there when needed. And we help making sense of it and taking the right decisions.

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Worshops & Seminars

Our mission is to make building design better and simpler, at the crossroad of disciplines.And it all begins by sharing knowledge.

We offer workshops, in presence or online,  tailored on your wishes and your needs.

Do you want to increase your knowledge about holistic design, computational design, Life-cycle assessments, carbon footprint and more?

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