Location: Farum, Denmark

Year: 2019 –

Area: 1520 m2

Phase of collaboration: Schematic design

Type: Mixed use, Residential, hotel, Commercial


  • Solar analysis
  • Energy performance
  • Daylight
  • Outdoor comfort
  • Life-cycle assessment

Adapt massing schemas to chase the sunlight

In the schematic design phase of the Bregnerød Kro, the architect wanted to maximise the solar acess in the courtyard and on the facades.

Analyses of sun hours and solar radiation predicted accurately how much sun would be there, season by season, day by day, hour by hour.

Iterations of different concepts allowed to design the best solution, comparing sun hours, forecasted heating demand, outdoor and indoor comfort, and life-cycle impacts.

Comparing facades for visual and thermal comfort

Comparing facades for visual and thermal comfort

Mapping the sun rays in different moment of the day and the year allows to evaluate and reduce self-shading: here, the sun vectors were used to cut the geometry, allowing for more than 4x sun hours into the courtyard.