We bring
architecture and engineering together

Entwine is the new paradigm of consulting engineering.

We are experts of Life Cycle Assessments, Daylight, Energy optimisation and Indoor comfort. Working with state-of-the-art digital tools and techniques, we provide the best support to decision-making, giving the right information at the right time. 

From idea to sketch, and from sketch to detailed solution, we quantify architecture at the speed of design, backing up design choices with data.

Whether you are an architect, a contractor or a developer, we make your project faster and smoother, reducing the risk of errors. So that all of your focus can be on creating your highest quality. building.

Informed design process

We establish a feedback loop between design and performance, making sure that each architectural choice is taken in full awareness of its effects. So that each step of your design creates real value and quality.

Less risk

Validating each choice immediately means avoiding finding out problems later in the process, where making changes is difficult and expensive.

Explore more – achieve more

Entwine allows to rapidly explore a wide range of design alternatives, understanding what really work best for the project and finding the optimal design solution.

Less risk

Early access to engineering knowledge reduces the conflicts and back and forths that so often characterise building projects. Stop wasting time in compromises between architecture and engineering – make them work in synergy with Entwine.

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Entwine supports the sustainable development goals